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Our goal is that each site be unique, custom crafted to reflect our individual client's unique capabilities and culture. Our websites are created using the latest website development technology in Content Management Systems (CMS) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Our preferred development system is Joomla. We also work in WordPress, custom HTML5, Java, and CSS3.

"Responsive" is the term used to describe a site's ability to transparently respond to the computer and browser in which it is being viewed. A fully responsive site automatically adjusts for viewing on cell phones, pads and tablets, chromebooks and laptops as well as workstations. The key is that the information should all be easily accessible no matter what medium you're viewing on. All sites developed or updated since 2014 are in responsive formats for the best browsing experience.

Some customers are pleased with their sites yet not happy with their support and hosting companies. We can help. Transfer your site maintenance and development to Creative Technology Corp. and we'll show you consistent, reliable support, responding to and even anticipating your needs.