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Website Updates

john editMany clients want the option of updating their own website content. Creative websites are made to be updated. We often include on-site training as a part of our new site startup.

The most valuable aspect of a website is its currency, the ability to update it frequently without a cost penalty as with old fashioned print media. Some people write blogs on a routine to establish a routine of creating current content. Others simply establish a habit of updating news, capabilities, or calendar events. The bottom line is that your website can best serve you when it is frequently updated with current info.

dorothy editOne of the great benefits of a website by Creative Technology is that we design it to be updated easily. Job and news postings are just two examples of updates easily accomplished, that can even add new headings, like a News Flash module, or Career Opportunities.

The Joomla foundation on which Creative Technology websites are built provides an ideal environment for client edits, with a graphical editor, image uploader, and security options for guests, editors, and administrators. It all adds up to easy edits for those who want it.

For those clients who don't want to do their own edits, our experience in manufacturing helps us take over from whatever info you can provide. Our creative writers can quickly transform a simple bulleted list of thoughts into a polished article to share your latest news in timely fashion.

Whatever your goal for site updates and edits, a site created in Joomla by Creative Technology gives you the flexibility you need.