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Website Infrastructure

One of the most important considerations in website design is the infrastructure, the underlying development system. Creative Technology is committed to open systems, providing you choices with widespread support and continuous improvement.

The foundation of every Creative Technology website is HTML5 (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and a CMS (Content Management System). CSS means that we can easily change the appearance of a site by editing its style sheet, the formatting for the website elements. Working with CSS, for instance, the font size or background color can be edited at one location to change the whole site's appearance. CMS or Content Management System means that once content is in the website, it is stored as data and may be manipulated easily to change the location or appearance. For instance, the menu for a site can be quickly altered once, changing the whole site's layout in just seconds. All of this technology is a tremendous benefit to keeping up with changes in your company's technology as well as website style and technology.

wordpress11WordPress is a CMS that is commonly used for blogging. As such, WordPress is the most popular website development tool in use today. It works well for writing text about a topic with limited imagery, however can be more difficult to customize and tweak for a sleek and custom appearance. Creative Technology Corp designs and supports websites developed in WordPress when requested by the client, however it is not our preference in the vast world of website design.

Joomla Logo SloganJoomla is our CMS of choice. It is open source, providing continuous improvements and enhancements, a wealth of enhancements and extensions, and it provides a lot of flexibility for custom formatting and layouts. Customers find that Joomla offers the freedom for them to easily edit and add content, as well as enhancing the site's format and layout. Our expertise with Joomla provides you the features and the depth of support you want and need.