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ServerPerformanceWebsite Server Performance

Website server performance is key to a good browser experience for your customers and prospects. Creative Technology Corp serves up high performance with our own secure, dedicated website server. The benefit is that visitors to your site get faster response when they click on a link.

 As a part of our hosting service, we monitor all sites 24/7/365 to ensure reliability using a third-party global monitoring service. Each client site is checked for response time every minute of every day.

Shown at right is a response time report showing the change in response when Creative Technology took over the hosting for one of our clients. You can see the dramatic change in response time, from an average of more than three seconds, to about half a second, about a 6 times improvement.

Fast site response is critical to your search engine rankings as well. Slower sites are penalized because companies like Google recognize that slow website response results in dissatisfied viewers.

Website server response is just one of the many ways Creative Technology helps you deliver quality information in a timely manner for better browser experience and higher page rankings.