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Web Site Hosting

DataCenter Safe, reliable web hosting is critical to your web site and your overall Internet presence.

Creative Technology Corp is not just another hosting provider. We are unique, working to provide you seamless hosting and support. We know that your business is manufacturing, so we work to transparently support and manage your site, so you can focus on your business and making money.

There are a lot of benefits to hosting with Creative Technology Corp:
  • All the system features are supported for MySQL, Joomla, Wordpress, or custom CSS, CMS, and HTML5.
  • User login to your site allows you to edit and update your site on-demand.
  • Secure access to the site's "backend" allows addition of plugins and extensions for enhanced site design and features.
  • Hosting is in a secure data center with limited, monitored, guarded access, with battery backups, environmental temperature and humidity control, redundant direct multi-gigabit-per-second fiber optic feeds to the global Internet's backbone, backup power generators with more than 7 day's fuel storage, and extended redundant backup environmental control system for temperature and humidity control. (This is a central Chicago location serving mission-critical systems)
  • 24/7 administrative and hardware maintenance engineers on-site with hosting hardware.
  • Three levels of backups for data security, including daily backups on the hosting computer stored to a separate hard drive, daily backups on a separate server within the data center, and weekly backups of each site offline, in the cloud.
  • Weekly cloud-based off-site backups of all sites.
  • Single-source responsibility for hosting as well as hardware and software maintenance and support, for no finger-pointing.

Hosting your site with Creative Technology Corp provides you the reliability and the confidence to do what you do best.