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Changing Education

April 26, 2014

0912 mmscover-smThe rest of the world is recently learning what many of us in manufacturing knew already; there are many great job opportunities available that can pay a great wage. Sadly, our education hasn't prepared many of us for those careers.

Technology education instructor Craig Cegielski of Eleva-Strum High School in Wisconsin has crafted a great solution. Working with local manufacturers, students learn on real jobs, producing essential products and earning money to fund the materials, tooling, and even some income for themselves.

Best of all, the students are passionate about learning. Quoting the jobs, doing the work, inspecting it, and ultimately delivering or shipping the work, the students take personal ownership of the projects. Their education in the shop, science, math, and English all takes on relavance.

About two years ago, Creative Technology was asked to take a photo to help tell the story. Nothing could have prepared us for the experience - a teacher igniting students' imaginations and sharing his exciting world of manufacturing, students excited to be there, and an employer working to help ensure the school's, the students', and ultimately his own success.

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